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Actua's Outreach Team

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Actua's Outreach Team

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Actua's Outreach Team

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Actua's Outreach Team

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About Actua

Actua is a national Canadian charity, with a mission to provide life-changing experiences in science, engineering and technology so that ALL youth can be inspired to achieve their potential and fulfill their critical role in the world. 

Each year, across Canada, Actua engages and inspires over 225,000 youth in over 500 communities nationwide. We achieve this through our growing network of 33 member organizations, located at universities and colleges across Canada. These organizations hire undergraduate students as instructors and high school students as volunteers who deliver our programs. We also have our own outreach team of instructors with experience delivering programming in rural and remote locations not served by our members. Our “for youth by youth” model is extremely effective at helping young people build self confidence.

Actua’s focus, and what sets us apart from other education outreach programs is our significant investment in programming that is specifically designed to break down barriers to youth engagement in science, engineering and technology studies and careers. One key strategy for this is our National Aboriginal Outreach Program.

In connecting Aboriginal youth to the science and technology of their everyday lives, Actua sparks an interest and curiosity among program participants for a variety of science fields. Actua’s community-based approach exposes youth to Aboriginal and other young and energetic role models in science fields, and demonstrates how traditional knowledge plays a significant role in the study of science. This approach helps Actua address the critical need to engage Aboriginal Canadians in the fields of science and technology, both to ensure future prosperity within Aboriginal communities and to contribute to the creation of a diverse Canadian workforce. Each year, Actua reaches and inspires over 25,000 Aboriginal Canadians in over 200 communities nationwide.

Actua also promotes science, engineering and technology to girls through our National Girls Program. We engage underprivileged and/or "at-risk" youth, and youth living in inner-city areas, or rural areas with little access to outreach programming through what we call our "Go Where Kids Are" program. For more information about Actua visit us at